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  • Dieu a-t-il réelement dit?

    Dieu a-t-il réelement dit?

    We are very excited about this new series! “Did God really say?” (English translation) will explore themes from the book Laïcusvirus, by Francis Foucachon on basic Christianity and family life in our current society through short, engaging videos. These videos will also allow direct interaction with questions from French-speaking viewers. […]

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  • Spiritual Warfare

    Spiritual Warfare

    Pastor Ivan Bespalov, a Reformed evangelical pastor in Ukraine, talks about spiritual warfare in this excerpt from the French version of the Thirdmill course on Revelation produced by Huguenot Heritage. The last news we heard from Pastor Bespalov (about a week old) is that he stayed with his congregation near […]

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  • Summer 2021 Update and New Book Announcement

    Summer 2021 Update and New Book Announcement

    Dear Friends, In times like these, you need a SaviorIn times like these, you need an anchor;Be very sure, be very sureYour anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!This Rock is Jesus, Yes, He’s the One;This Rock is Jesus, the only One! This hymn was composed in 1943 during the […]

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  • New course release and year-end giving

    New course release and year-end giving

    New Course online! We have just released Les Évangiles (The Gospels), one of the longer and particularly important courses in the series we are working on putting into French from Third Millennium Ministries.  Meanwhile, we have two more courses that are nearing completion for the new year: Primeval History and The Book of Revelation. Manuscripts […]

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  • December 2019 | Huguenot Heritage 10 Year Anniversary

    December 2019 | Huguenot Heritage 10 Year Anniversary

    Dearest Friends,As we have been reading through the Old Testament recently, we have been been encouraged all over again by the truth that God inexorably works His will. He is establishing His Kingdom! The baby who was in the manger is our King, and because He is now ruling over […]

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  • PCT Hike-a-thon Update: Letter from Dr. Ken Feucht

    PCT Hike-a-thon Update: Letter from Dr. Ken Feucht

    Dear Huguenot Heritage Supporter, First of all, I would like to thank you for your pledges for my Pacific Crest Trail Hike-A-Thon! Your willingness to pledge support for Huguenot Heritage is deeply appreciated not only by me and the personnel at Huguenot Heritage, but also by the many pastors in […]

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  • PCT 2019 In-Depth Review from Pilgrim

    PCT 2019 In-Depth Review from Pilgrim

    Ken Feucht (Pilgrim) filmed an in-depth overview of all the gear he brought on the PCT trail walk-a-thon for Huguenot Heritage.  Some of his gear changed (which he describes in detail on his blog), but most of it is the same.  Enjoy this overview of what a PCT thru hiker carries […]

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  • PCT Flip Flop

    PCT Flip Flop

    Dr. Feucht explains how he will do a “flip flop” due to extreme snow conditions on the PCT trail. His blog post, PCT Interlude, explains more in depth.

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  • Mile 266-286

    Mile 266-286

    Pray for many days like this! “Today my feet just felt like walking. Even thought I started 2.5 hours later than usual, I was able to get in 20 miles for the day.”, Big Bear Lake to Wrightwood Follow the journey and consider pledging at #PCT4HH

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  • 100 mile​ mark!

    100 mile​ mark!

    Ken Feucht at the 100 mile mark! More photos and trail updates coming. You can follow Ken Feucht’s own blog updates (updated in chunks connectivity allows) here. We are working to fix the issue with overblown photos, so check back soon.

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