How can you support Huguenot Heritage?

1. Support Huguenot Heritage financially. Huguenot Heritage needs funds to cover the expense of transforming the Third Millennium Curriculum into French. This is a very large project that will take several years, but the final result will be a very complete, Biblical education, for the world, for free. Please consider helping Huguenot Heritage arrive at this goal by supporting us financially.

2. Pray for us. We covet your prayers while we undergo this great task. Pray for good translators, pray for Francis as he networks with French churches, and pray that this education would equip pastors and result in many church plants!

3. Tell your friends. Tell your friends about Huguenot Heritage and Third Millennium Ministries. “Like” our Facebook page (coming soon), and subscribe to our Prayer Letter by emailing

How to Donate
Huguenot Heritage is a 501(c)(3), tax-deductible organization.

Write checks to:
Huguenot Heritage, Inc.
3200 Foothill Road,
Moscow, ID 83843

Quick and easy way to donate using PayPal (also supports re-occurring donations)