New courses and new podcast

Inaugural episode of the short-format video podcast.

In English: “Did God Really Say?”

Dearest Friends,

It was with great excitement that we at Huguenot Heritage finished multiple video and manuscript courses last week and delivered them to our partner, Third Millennium. These included French video courses for He Gave Us Prophets, The Book of Revelation, Building Your Theology, and Primeval History, and the translated manuscript for The Heart of Paul’s Theology. The videos for three other courses will soon be complete. We are getting near to completing the courses required for a Master of Divinity! You can view all of the French courses at The original courses in English are available at

The motto of Huguenot Heritage is Biblical Education. For the French-speaking World. For Free. Eric Linares, the Executive Director of Third Millennium, shared a wonderful story last week that shows how these courses are being used to reach the more than 300 million French-speakers in the world. A big percentage of these francophones live in countries that are home to the world’s most under-resourced pastors. Eric said, “These pastors are so desperate for training and resources that they will go to great lengths to access them when necessary, even traveling 10+ hours by bus.” He then told the story of Jacques, who is in the process of being ordained in a large denomination in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where French is the official language. Jacques is the one who traveled more than 10 hours, for the purpose of making this request to a Third Mill field partner: “You gave me a flash drive some years ago filled with many wonderful teachings. I’ve been sharing those with many people in Congo, but I lost that one. Do you have another one you could give me?” He received something even better—an SD card, smaller than a fingernail, but filled with solid biblical teaching. Jacques also said, “My favorite series is on The Apostles’ Creed.” When the leaders of his church watched it, they loved it too, and asked for more.

Hearing this moved us deeply, because The Apostles’ Creed is the very first course that Huguenot Heritage translated into French and then produced as a video course! The work that we toiled over in Idaho is an instrument that is being used in Africa to bring biblical teaching to the pastors who most need it. They are hungry for the truth that is essential to bring the church in Africa out of syncretism and heresy and into solid maturity.

How grateful we are to you for providing the finances that allow us to do this work of ministry! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each and every one of you! Each course costs $50,000 to translate and produce; we are overwhelmed with how God has provided! As we go forward, if you would like to give financially to help us get more courses out, we would be delighted and thankful! Checks can be made out to Huguenot Heritage, and sent to:

Huguenot Heritage
3200 Foothill Road
Moscow, Idaho 83843. 

You can also give on Cash App at $HHeritage, or on our website through PayPal. Donations are tax-deductible.

We were encouraged greatly on another front in September. In Lausanne, Switzerland, we had a meeting with the French-speaking theologian and writer, Jean-Marc Berthoud. His books (in French!) may prove to be a significant part of the current movement to extend the kingdom of God through a rightful understanding of the place of God’s law/gospel in all of life, but currently Monsieur Berthoud is under-known and under-appreciated. We are praying about our role in changing this. Please pray with us. We are deeply appreciative for all your prayer support for Huguenot Heritage. 

Francis and Monsieur Berthoud in front of the Lausanne monument of Pierre Viret, the forgotten Reformer.

Francis and Monsieur Berthoud in front of the Lausanne monument of Pierre Viret, the forgotten Reformer.

During this Christmas season, our hearts are filled with the wonder of the Incarnation. The prophet Isaiah said, “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”

Immanuel: God with us! His presence with us and in us is the only lasting source of what every heart longs for: peace and joy.

Merry Christmas!

In our Lord Jesus Christ,
Francis and Donna

Laïcusvirus : la famille chrétienne face au défi de la nouvelle norme, by Francis Foucachon is now in print, and available on French, Canadian, and US Amazon sites.

It has also been translated and published into Portuguese

(English translation of the title: The Virus of Secularism—The Christian Family and the Challenge of the “New Norm”) 

This timely book sheds light on how secularism has affected French Christian families over the past thirty years. It sounds a warning against “the new norm,” invites French-speaking Christians to read the times, and to return with courage and steadfastness to God’s original blueprint for how to build a Christian home.

Laicusvirus by Francis Foucachon


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  1. “Francis and Monsieur Berthoud in front of the Lausanne monument of Pierre Viret, the forgotten Reformer.” But the picture shows a man and a woman. Shouldn’t it have been Frances, and not Francis ?

  2. I think I understand. The photo was of Francis and Donna Foucachon, not Monsieur Berthoud.

    Remember me, Francis?

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