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  • Mission Radius – Douglas Wilson | Christ Church Missions Conference

    Mission Radius – Douglas Wilson | Christ Church Missions Conference

    Mission Radius | Pastor Douglas Wilson Christ Church Missions Conference, Moscow, Idaho. February 2015. To download mp3, right-click and “save-as” HERE – (mp3 – 45mb) If video is not playing above, click HERE to link to YouTube. Other Titles from the Christ Church Missions Conference: – “What is a Woman?” […]

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  • Merry Christmas 2014

    Merry Christmas 2014

    Dearest Friends, Jesus was born in Bethlehem—and the world has never been the same since! “Of the increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end.” (Is. 9:7) His Kingdom is growing, and we are delighted to be a part of it at HuguenotHeritage as we work in […]

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  • Prayer Letter | September 2014

    Prayer Letter | September 2014

    Dear Friends, As the summer draws to an end, we are grateful for a fruitful time in France!  The highlights of our three months there were: Preaching and ministering in the church plants in Lyon and Paris Spreading the word, through many contacts, about the biblical education video curriculum in […]

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  • Le Symbole des Apôtres

    Le Symbole des Apôtres

    Le Symbole des Apôtres (The Apostles’ Creed) video course is now fully published and available for download from! This is the first course that Huguenot Heritage has translated in collaboration with Third Millennium Ministries. Translation of the text for the next course, “We Believe in Jesus” is already underway! Thank you all for […]

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  • Christ Church Missions Conference 2014

    Christ Church Missions Conference 2014

    Evangelism and Culture | Dr. Steve Jeffery Download the mp3 Evangelism and the Church | Dr. Steve Jeffery Download the mp3 The Islamization of Europe: Blessings or Curse? | Rev. Francis Foucachon Download the mp3 Missions and Perfectionism | Pastor Doug Wilson Download the mp3  

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  • Huguenot Heritage Banquet | Birmingham, AL (January 17th)

    Huguenot Heritage Banquet | Birmingham, AL (January 17th)

    Please feel free to make a party out of this leisurely meal by gathering a group of friends and requesting seats together. Francis Foucachon has been ordained with the PCA for 26 years, and has served as a church planter with MNA and MTW in Quebec and France.  He is […]

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  • May 2013 Prayer Letter

    May 2013 Prayer Letter

    The “finish line” is in sight! We are prayerfully planning to have the French video version of Third Millennium’s course on the Apostles’ Creed on-line and in DVD form in September 2013! The written French text of this course that clearly teachesthe foundational doctrines of Christianity—all 85,000 words—already went on-line […]

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  • December 2012 Newsletter

    December 2012 Newsletter

    Please click the image below for the PDF of the newletter. Tipping point: “The critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. An addition or increment that in itself might not seem extraordinary but that unexpectedly is just the amount of additional change that […]

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  • The Gospel for All Cultures | Christ Church Missions Conference

    Francis gave this lecture at the Christ Church 2012 Missions Conference. In this lecture, he explains how different cultures feel the effects sin differently, and how understanding those differences effects our presentation of the Gospel. Download the mp3 HERE.

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  • The French side of Huguenot Heritage

    Dear Friends, we have begun posting French video content and resources over at We also launched our French Facebook Page. Even if you don’t speak French, please consider following the page to help it grow in visibility! We’re also on Twitter HERE – @hhuguenot. Thank you for your prayers […]

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