The Desire of All Nations

Calvin PoemTongues shall be redeemed
And Calvin’s land sing
Psalms again esteemed
Unto Christ our King

Jesu, who from the throne
Doth in heaven reign
Loves to hear his own
Glorify his name

But Zion’s walls breached
The world now dark lies
Revolution preached
Wicked men arise

Evil is called good
Not thy law defined
Yet shall kings who should
Kiss the Son divine

God, thine own cause plead
Hear those prayers of old
Do thy people lead
Glory to unfold

Thy plan consummate
Return to acclaim
The praise shall be great
On earth to thy name

– R. Andrew Myers


One response to “The Desire of All Nations”

  1. A pleasure to let you know that i have been to your website and have been so much attracted to learn more for our spiritual growth here. Indeed it is good work done and are going to be a blessing to many who have not seen the light trough.
    i am a leader of a christian fellowship group that has not yet established to have well define procedure of church worship. we merely meet for praising songs and prayers it will be indeed wonderful for God to get us through to his chosen servant whom to grow spiritually. i hope we shall find a room in your mansion and from there we get truly worship our lord in the right way and procedure. May God bless you. As i am waiting to hear from you soon on how we should fellowship together from here Kenya.Please pray also for the needy orphans in the group.We pray for your good work.

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