Core Values

Huguenot Heritage mission, vision and core values



Our mission: To bring back to France and the French-speaking world the Gospel shared by the Huguenots and the Reformers.

Our vision: To equip French-speaking layman and pastors in practical theology to be God’s instrument to bring a new Reformation and Revival through evangelism and church-planting taking advantage of today’s “Roman roads,” the New Media.

Our core values:

  1. In line with the Huguenots, we are teaching the whole counsel of God as revealed in Scriptures without apology or compromise.
  2. We are seeking to identify, assist and train men called to the ministry who have demonstrated a strong Christian character, a heart for the lost, pastoral gifts and whose families bear a faithful Christian testimony.
  3. We will work in close fellowship with any existing church and Christian organizations who share our vision, mission and core values.

Our Confession of faith is resumed in:

The Apostle Creed, The Westminster Confession of Faith, The Heidelberg Catechism and the Confession de la Rochelle “The Gallic Confession of Faith”.